TIMELINE // Thom Yorke

Zaman Makinası|

Thomas Edward Yorke. Musician. Multi-instrumentalist. Frontman. Photography by Phil Fisk for the Observer, 2013.

Yorke said: “I did have a problem with when I was a kid is my left eye, and I had to wear a patch for a while. Did people laugh at me because of it? Yes. Did it make me a fighter? I am not sure. I was probably 5 or 6. The most annoying bit was bumping into things really because it didn’t work. They had this theory in the late ’70s, that if you had a lazy eye they put a patch over the other one to make this one work harder which was actually complete bullshit as they later found out. You have a kid bumping into things for a year, being miserable. But, did it make me harder? No, I don’t think so actually. If you think about it, if I had a kid and he had to wear a patch on his eye for a year, I’d be worried about what he’d be like at the end of that year. You know what I mean?”

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